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35 & 36 Week Pregnancy Update

October 14, 2016

35 + 36 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along: 36 weeks + 6 days
Symptoms: I had diarrhea and back ache in week 35, so Rich was pretty adamant that baby was on his way – he wasn’t! This week (week 36) has been my first week of maternity leave and I have been absolutely shattered, emotional and quite overwhelmed. I’m not actually sure if any of this is pregnancy symptom related or just the fact that I have a lot to do and have possibly been pushing myself a little? My belly has started making popping noises too which is so surreal. I spoke to the midwife about this and apparently its normal but no one knows whether it is water bubbles or babies joints. My main struggle at the moment is that I have started suffering from Pelvic Girdle Pain, I will wake up in the night with quite bad back and hip pain.
Food Cravings: I had a real hankering for tinned peaches this week, which was a first trimester craving! Anyway, so I bought some, but then typically the craving passed. I actually want some cream to eat them with but didn’t pick any up – its not acceptable to put milk with them is it?
Movement: He went a little quiet on Friday night which had worried me for a while, but since then has been probably his most active during my whole pregnancy.
Gender: Boy!
Sleep: Sleep is disturbed, I have been struggling to get off to sleep at night and then wake up really early and am wide awake. I normally wake up at 5am, then managed to drift off by half 6, however, Rich then goes to work so I wake up.
Stretch Marks: I still don’t think there are any, there is still time, though!
Miss Anything: I went shopping with my mum this week and Zara is just everything right now. I found it really depressing not being able to buy anything nice as I have no idea how my figure will look post baby. I am excited to be able to buy nice things that fit and feel like myself again as I have definitely reached the point where even my sweat pants are tight!
Best Moment: I had a lovely time shopping with my mum on Wednesday which was nice and also the baby shower was a really lovely highlight! More on that later.
Worst Moment: Yesterday I was feeling really overwhelmed and emotional. I was really struggling with small tasks and feeling generally down. I’m not sure if it was hormonal or that I actually have a lot to sort before the baby arrives but everything got on top of me!
Looking forward to: Feeling myself again – I am starting to struggle with having hormones compromise who I am and also want my body back as my clothes don’t fit anymore!

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