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31 Week Pregnancy Update

September 9, 2016

31 Week Pregnancy Update
How far along: 31 weeks + 6 days
Symptoms: This week was fairly rough actually, I was so tired over the weekend but resisted the urge to rest and ended up making myself poorly. I have the worst headache on Monday & Tuesday that woke me up at around 5am and lasted till 11am. This also made me feel dizzy and nauseous. However the second I allowed myself a nap on Tuesday that seemed to do the trick. I have since though felt very tired and think I have got into the stage of the third trimester where my body is putting so much into fattening up the baby that it just needs to hibernate. I am also still suffering with achey ribs from this growing baby putting pressure on them.
Food Cravings: I had a real hankering for Lemon Drizzle Cake on Tuesday which I quickly satisfied – however I’m not 100% convinced this was pregnancy related, I think it may be down to the fact I’ve watched too much Great British Bake Off.
Movement: Movements are starting to get rough actually! I am being really kicked and jabbed in the ribs to the point that I will have to shift positions to try and shake the baby out of them, they are no longer little jabs but where little one is clearly stretching his legs with some power behind them.
Gender: Boy!
Sleep: Sleep has been dis-jointed and I am shattered, I can’t work out if I am not getting enough though or if my body currently requires more? I’m struggling to get comfy and it’s been pretty warm this week at nights.
Stretch Marks: Still nothing… I’ve been pretty lazy with oiling up my belly too so I am sure at some point the tiger stripes are going to catch up with me.
Miss Anything: I literally cannot believe there was once a time in my life where is was simple to just walk into the living room, sit on the sofa and be comfortable… like what? It now feels like many light years ago. It now takes some cushion re-arrangement, a good five or six tosses and turns and a lot of huffing to seek ten minutes of comfort and then I have to do it all again! So basically, I miss being comfortable.
Best Moment: I had a craving for lemon drizzle cake at 9:30 in the morning, the canteen where I work had lemon drizzle cake, for what I think is probably the first time ever. I ate it at 10am – that was pretty special.
Worst Moment: Being poorly this week was pretty crap. I am so glad that passed and was just fatigue. I was concerned I wasn’t drinking enough initially which gives you quite bad baby guilt but no pretty sure it was just my body telling me so rest.
Looking forward to: I’m getting excited to finish work for my maternity leave – I thought I would dread this day but I am getting so uncomfortable and need to rest before bubs arrival.

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