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3 Ways To Save Yourself Next Year’s Winter Horrors

February 17, 2014

How did the winter go by in your household? Did you instantly regret getting out of bed and feeling the ice cold floor? Did you quickly realise that turning off the heating was a big mistake only 10 minutes later? Did the draft coming from the corridor turn from a mild breeze into the equivalent of an icy hurricane for your feet? Maybe the cat decided to kick you out from your usual resting place, aka the sofa, and made it their domain for the winter in order to preserve body heat? Well, if your answer to any of those questions was “Yes”, then do not worry, because you are not alone. Winter is known to get especially nippy at times, and if you do not go through with the according preparations, then sometimes, just sometimes, it might even make you dread coming home. After all, who wants to sit around feeling too cold to do anything, but too cold to bother doing anything about it as well? If you feel like it’s time to wise up this year, then you should work in advance and prepare before the next winter hits you harder than ever.

Heating panels

Heating panels, also known as infrared panels, are a great solution to cold interiors and works slightly different than your average heater. The usual run-of-the-mill heater often just heats the air of the room, making it feel stuffy and then you end up with a room full of hot air but the floor is just as freezing as it was in the morning. Infrared panels are installed relatively hassle-free, heating the people and objects in the room rather than the air, making you and your surroundings feel warmer while the air stays nice and crisp.  

Get a programmable thermostat

Rather than waking up, cranking up the thermostat and then realising you forgot to turn it off at 6 am the next day, make life a bit easier for yourself. Next time when you wake up a bit too early due to the insanely hot house you are in, just get a nifty thermostat which takes care of this whole ordeal instead. You can easily set the times it is supposed to stay on, and the times it is supposed to stay off, making for an effortless and effective system. The optimal times for thermostat operations depend per house, and the kind of house that it is, so do some research on that before you start setting up.

Stop hogging the heaters

If you are like many other people who like keeping toasty on the sofa by having it right in front of the radiator, you might just have to take a hit for the team and move it somewhere else for the time being. The sofa absorbs a surprisingly large amount of heat if it is right in the way of a radiator or heater, so don’t be afraid to instead share some of that heat with the rest of the room. When the whole room gets warmer as a result, then you won’t need to sit by the radiator anyway.

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