Things I Said I’d Never do as a Parent: Travel Edition

Posted by Georgina

Let’s face it, holidays with kids are NOT the same! Gone are the days of liquid lunches, sleepy siestas and painting the town red swapped for chasing small humans around with factor 50 and sun hats, reading only 10 pages of your book for the whole holiday and spending a fortune on holiday tat because low and behold the suitcase of toys you brought wasn’t quite enough!

However. We must keep on. Have kids. Will travel.

Its good for them but more importantly its good for us. I once read that holidays with kids is “same sh*t, different location” and for some that may sound off-putting, but for me its a relief! Holidays with kids can seem like an overwhelming concept but actually, if it really is “the same sh*t, different location” then we can totally handle it!

Stick to a Bedtime Routine

Stick to bedtime routine when away. I always thought I’d be chilled about it. In reality, I’m strict and bedtime is bedtime. What have I become?!

-Charlotte, Looking After Your Pennies

Or not!

Before kids, on holiday I never thought id let them stay up past bedtime. I always saw others doing it and said I wouldn’t, but I know I will now!


Enter into Arcade Politics

Try and win those ridiculous giant stuffed toys in the arcades.

Rachel, The Illustrated Teacup

I never thought I’d let my child waste money on the stupid bright arcade games that are impossible to win anything on… I was wrong.

-Raimy, Readaraptor Hatchling

Beach Holiday!

I’d never do lay on the beach all day style holiday! I like the be busy and don’t love laying in the sun all day every day! Yet when we went to Croatia I really enjoyed it!

-Nicole, The Littlest Darlings

No scary rides

I said I’d never allow them on scary waterslides or those dodgy looking fairground rides – the things they lived for on our holiday and did numerous times a day!

-Rebecca, You, Me, Raising Three

Consider a Villa

Ooookay, I don’t know why but I’ve always been a little ‘anti-villa’. I’m a creature of habit and I like to stick to what I know, which is resorts! I’m not, however, afraid to admit where I am wrong.

A few days ago I saw someone on Instagram share their villa, posting how they were still able to have an evening swim or drink while their babies slept undisturbed and I that to me was just genius!

After having a quick search I came across Clickstay, I just cannot believe I’ve never considered a villa before! They have private pools, sleep multiple people so you can bring along back up and they have wifi (because home is where the wifi is right?) They have some gorgeous villas in Spain, Tenerife & Majora so all perfect, family friendly destinations!

Go Long Haul

I said I’d never go long-haul while he was still young. That we’d wait to see far-flung places until he could remember it. Well, we’ve taken him to New York, Yellowstone and have booked Thailand and Dubai. He’ll never remember any of it.

-Katharine, The Battle Mum

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