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2 Unique Ways Of Upgrading Boring Gifts

December 1, 2014

Admit it, you suck at buying gifts for certain people. When a friend’s birthday comes around you always panic and get them something generic like a box of chocolates or a candle. A pair of socks or new tie are usually the standard choices for men’s gifts, and you probably get flowers for your mum.


Now, it’s not always your fault, some people are hard to buy for, and these are the only gifts you can think of. In that case, you need to focus on making boring gifts a lot more exciting and meaningful. How? Keep on reading, and you’ll find some excellent little tips to help you out:

Get Personal

Personalisation is always an easy way to take a boring gift to new heights. Immediately, you seem more thoughtful when someone’s name is on something. It shows you’ve made an effort to actually personalise something, and it will go down a treat. Naturally, some things are easier to personalise than others. As you can see on the Chocogram website, you can personalise a little chocolate gift set with ease. Another thing that’s easily personalised is a mug or glass – just get their name printed on the side or include a funny personal message on it. The first thing you should think of when you get any gift is how you can make it personal to the recipient. It’s not that hard to do, and it will change the gift dramatically.


What makes this idea so great is the simplicity of it. You can apply this to pretty much any gift-giving situation you find yourself in. What holds more value to someone, a plain chocolate bar or one with their name on it and a little message from you? Clearly, they’d rather the second option!

Make It Themed

Themed gifts are also a simple idea when you have something boring and want to make it better. I’ve got a great example of this from a recent friend’s birthday. I couldn’t think of what to get them, then I remembered they love Game of Thrones. So, I bought them a Game of Thrones mug with a quote on it, and a doorstop with ‘Hodor’ written on it. Both are pretty boring gifts on their own, but the theme makes them more exciting. If you don’t watch the show, Hodor was a character with a pretty big scene where he had to ‘hold the door’ – hence the doorstop gift!


Think about things the receiver likes, and try to find themed versions of your boring gift ideas. If you have a look on the Timeout website, you’ll see articles that list some great movie-themed gifts. These could be ideal for a friend or family member with a favourite movie. Again, this idea is great as you can apply it to anyone. Everyone has something they’re passionate about, which means you can find themed gifts that fit their passion.


By applying these two tips, you will start for everyone. Here’s the cool thing; you’ve not really changed the type of gifts you’re buying! You can still get mugs, socks, ties, and so on. The difference is that they now hold more meaning and are a lot more exciting than they were before.

*This is a collaborative post

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