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18 pieces of advice for my 18 year old self

June 23, 2016

There I am looking young and super naive at my 18th birthday! I cannot believe how little I knew back then, but how much I thought I knew about the world! 

18 pieces of advice for my 18-year-old self (that I still need to remember now!)

You will get heartbroken, you cannot avoid it and you’ll shape into a better person for it. Also, you will get over it, it may take a long, long time. But you will.
Invest time in learning to become comfortable with yourself now. Learning your strengths and weaknesses will pay off in adult life and you’ll never undersell yourself.
Take time to learn your beliefs and stand by them. Don’t preach them, but knowing your own mind is a huge power.
Make mistakes. So many mistakes. Always learn from them. These will be huge in defining your adult self.
If a guy/girl acts like they don’t want you, don’t text them, don’t call them. Only make time for people that are going to adore you.
Always apologise when you’re wrong. It gives you credibility! When you are right, people will trust you.
Drink water. Be that person that drinks water. You’ll only thank yourself.
Forgive. The only person that will be affected by your hatred, in the long run, is you.
There are toxic people in the world who will hurt you. Never stoop to their level. You’ll always thank yourself that you didn’t become that person later.
Read the news. Be smart about the world around you. Knowledge is power.
Worrying will change nothing. You’ll just have sleepless nights and wrinkles if you worry too much.
Put down your phone. Except for if you’re reading this blog, then make a cup of tea and then put it down.
Invest in skincare. Our 40-year-old selves will love us for it.
You are entitled to nothing. Work for it! Having all your stuff through hard work is the greatest feeling in the world.  
Give back. Don’t get to 20-something and think, what have I done for the world? Give back a bit. Don’t quit your job and go saving the elephants just yet (although that would be incredible) but donate some time to doing something for the greater good.
Always delete your ex on Facebook. Re-opening the wound solves nothing.
Have a cry, it will make you feel better. Every. Single. Time.
Avoid Sambuca. It’s crap.
What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self? 

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