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The 12 Mistakes Of Christmas (And How To Avoid Them)

December 1, 2014

To make your Christmas go by without a hitch, here are the twelve mistakes of Christmas many of us are prone to making over the festive season. Read them, heed them, and follow our tips to avoid making those same Christmas clangers.

1. Eating too much

Remember that diet plan you started a few weeks ago? Foolish; never begin a weight-loss programme before Christmas. From chocolate to turkey, you are going to put on weight, no matter how much you tell yourself you won’t have another helping. On the other hand, these low-fat Christmas treats are just the thing if you are determined to stick to your diet.

2. Not preparing for unexpected guests

We say unexpected, but you may have forgotten the casual invite you gave them months ago, so it’s always worth preparing for any visitors, just in case. From new dining table sets to extra cutlery, make sure you are prepared for extra mouths to feed on Christmas Day.

3. Forgetting dietary requirements

The turkey won’t go down well with any vegetarians, so make sure you ask your guests before arrival for their dietary requirements. This includes those who are gluten, wheat, and brussel sprout intolerant, as you need to be prepared for every need, even the fussy eaters.

4. Forgetting to defrost the turkey

For most of us, the turkey is the key part of the Christmas dinner, so make sure you defrost it in good time. If you do forget, here are some thawing tips you will definitely find useful.

5. Spoiling the kids

You don’t need to buy every toy your child asks for. Not only will you create more mess in your home, but your pockets will feel the burn too. We advocated the gift of inspiration, which has infinitely more value than yet another toy that will sit untouched for rest of the year.

6. Getting unwanted gifts

Don’t want another festive jumper this Christmas? Then tell people in advance what gifts you are interested in, or email your Amazon wish list to your friends and family. You don’t want to appear rude, but it’s better than your mates finding out you sold the gift they bought you on eBay.

7. Burning yourself out

Christmas is a busy time, but you need to make sure you get some enjoyment out of the festive period. Looking after house guests, sorting out the kids, cooking the dinner… you will be exhausted, so make a rota and get everybody involved in lending you a hand, instead of running around like a headless turkey!

8. Competing with others

You DON’T need to compete with your neighbours over who has the best Christmas light display, and your kids DON’T need to have the ‘best’ toys,’ even though little Jimmy next door probably has. Spend according to your budget, and enjoy Christmas for what it should be, love and family, and not an extravagant competition.

9. Not sleeping

You can be forgiven for not sleeping on Christmas Eve, as excitement can reach fever pitch! However, you do need to catch up on sleep somewhere, so to protect your frazzled mind, and get your z’s when you can.

10. Drinking too much

Don’t wait to wake up on Christmas morning with a hangover? Don’t drink so much! Here are some mocktail alternatives that taste good, and are a lot better for you!

11. Not saving for the new year sales

If you have heeded the advice at no.8, you will have enough money for the sales. Simple! 

Christmas will soon be over, but you can cut down on a lot of your stress by planning for next year’s festivities early. From presents to wrapping paper, start buying early when prices are lower. Oh, and if you do happen to bump into Aunt Jean in the store, remember no.2 on this list, and make a note in your diary if you happen to invite her around next Christmas Day!


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