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11 ways to enjoy downtime that don’t involve a smartphone

February 29, 2016

11 ways to enjoy downtime that don't involve a smartphone

I have fallen into a really unhealthy place with my iPhone, its become such an extension of me that I am genuinely worried my hand is starting to take a new shape. Its something I am becoming increasingly aware of and do think that other 20 somethings are too, people seem to believe that our generation will turn into zombies, but I don’t think that is true, I think we are getting smarter at monitoring our smartphone usage.

I am the worst culprit when enjoying downtime in the evening, when the telly is on I will find myself in a mindless lull of eating crackers, semi watching the TV and refreshing my Facebook feed. Here are some things I am going to try to break this nasty habit:

1. Read a book. Or if you can’t manage a book, read a magazine. This has to be the printed word though. I know we all love to goose through our phones before bed, but reading from a smartphone or tablet is a stimulant so will affect your quality of sleep, reading a book or a magazine will make you feel relaxed and allow you to get better zzz.

2. Knit. I took up knitting over the new year and am obsessed! I have been following this simple pattern with these knitting needles (plastic version here) and bought some wool from B&M for £12. Its so easy and relaxing to do if Rich wants to watch a film.

3. Weave. If knitting ain’t your thing then another wool based activity is weaving, its also doubles up as you can make some amazing gifts for family and friends.

4 Colour. We have all got into adult colouring haven’t we? My personal fave is the Cara Delevingne one, but you can get some pretty amazing adult colouring books.

5. Make a list. Make a to do list, a bucket list, a “books to read” list, a happiness list.. anything. Making lists help you to feel more in control and happy.

6. Create a photo album. How many people actually own photo albums these days? I don’t… not even for my wedding photos. I rely on Facebook and iCloud storing my pictures, if they went I would lose about 5 years of memories. Also, if you have older relatives coming down its great to have on hand.

7. Create a happiness journal. Document your happy thoughts!

8. Pamper yourself. Spend the 20 minutes you’d have lost to your phone (20 minutes? yes and I am being generous there) having a hot bath, putting on a face mask or giving yourself a mani pedi. You’ll only thank yourself.

9. Make yourself a killer breakfast. Go on. We always claim we don’t have time for this, but with all this no smartphone stuff you’ll be saving so much time! Make yourself a full english and microwave it the next day at work or be healthy and make something like overnight oats. You’ll feel like you really have your shit together!

10. Play a board game. Dust those babies off and play with your partner, housemate, friend or cat… boardgames are not just for Christmas you know!

11. Do a jigsaw. Make like your 80 and do a jigsaw puzzle.

Are you a smart phone addict? Whats your opinion on it? 
Do you have any other suggestions? Leave me a comment! 

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