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10 Healthy Habits to Start Doing Now

July 20, 2015

Let’s all get really real here, a healthy lifestyle isn’t the easiest thing to achieve and maintain, we ARE only human and the expectation of keeping a clean household, eating your green veg all day every day and kicking arse at the gym 4 times a week all whilst attempting to take over the world isn’t going to work all the time, something gotta give right? Here are 10 small habits to start adopting in your everyday life to make things a little smoother…

  • Find an exercise routine that works for you. Exercise is one of those nagging complaints of everyone’s shoulder, we all know we should be doing more of it, we just don’t have the time or motivation. For me, consistency was key. I would go for a really good run, once every six months and as well all know, the impact that would of had I may as well of not bothered! Getting a puppy meant that I had to walk her every day, and although they were just small walks, the consistency has had great effects on my body, I am not saying getting a pup is the answer (however I may of just been the deciding vote for some people!) but find something that works for you, even if it’s just small. Little and often is better than running a marathon once a year.
  • Check your bank balance daily. Not only will it help you to realise where you are spending your money, it’s the best way to protect yourself from any security breaches. You’ll be able to spot any small fraudulent transactions that always happen before the major spending happens – trust me, I am talking from experience.
  • Adopt a Meatless Monday mentality. I am sure you have heard about this before, but it’s great for your health, welfare and the environment. According the a Harvard Medical study, it can reduce risk of heart disease by up to 19%. There are lots of recipes on Pinterest and is currently offering some great inspiration.
  • Pack snacks in your handbag. Carrying snacks comes in way handier than you’ll think when you get your 3pm hunger pangs. Think health bars, apples, nuts (you can buy these in bulk at the international section of your local supermarket), popcorn… anything convenient. If you feel like you want to spend a little more and have something a bit fancier, subscribe to Graze.
  • Cook a little more. I have always been guilty of this! – I never cook. When I lived alone my diet consisted of jacket potatoes unless I was expecting people and now I mostly leave it down to Rich. Cooking isn’t only better for your health as you are likely to make better choices with what you eat, it’s also really rewarding knowing that you created something. Have a look through a cookbook or Pinterest and get 4 or 5 recipes nailed and keep them in your arsen.  
  • Drink water. I know you have heard it a trillion times, but just do it. We all know it’s good for us, we all know we feel 100x better when we consistently drink it. I bought a bottle and cut up lemon, lime and a couple mint leaves to make sure I get mine, otherwise I would never make time to drink it.
  • Sleep more. As if we need any more excuses to catch up on zzzz. As above, we know we don’t get enough and we know it’s important. I always feel that whenever I make sure I get my 8 hours I have done something really important for my body, I am so guilty of abusing sleep and just trying to manage with less because there was something way more important on Pinterest.
  • Read. If you are not a book worm then get a magazine with lots of articles, Glamour and Cosmopolitan usually have interesting things to read. Its a better form of unwinding than social media and it will relax you before bed.
  • Start thinking seriously about savings. There is no greater feeling than not living paycheck to paycheck and knowing you have some kind of security. Now, having had a mild stint of living alone, I know this isn’t that simple but one thing I wish I had done was made smarter choices. Buying own brand products can save up to £10 off your weekly shopping bill. £10 a week is £480 a year – just because you didn’t buy Heinz Baked Beans. 
  • Stop trying to keep up the Jonses. This isn’t good for your finance or your health! We all have friends that either have more, or do more. Busting your ass trying to keep up, whether that means less nights in front of Netflix as you are out partying or spending more because they just bought the whole of Zara A/W, isn’t going to make you feel better in the long run! Stay within your personal limits and learn to say no. You’ll thank yourself for it later down the line.
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