Wish List Wednesday: The Changing Bag Edition

6. Jem + Bea Amber

Ah the changing bag – another small minefield in the pregnancy games. Here is a funny story… I assumed that you had a changing bag for baby AND you still continued to use your normal handbag – so I just bought a cheapish black boring changing bag. However, I was soon informed that you will end up just chucking everything in one bag as its less to carry. So I said “well I don’t need a changing bag then? I’ll just use my handbag” to which the midwife said “yes, if you want to carry shitty nappies around in your Mulberry handbags then you can do that” – I did not. So here I am trying to decide which changing bag is best! 

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Every Wednesday we all compile a themed wish list, this week is Changing Bags! Here are the other lovely mummies posts. (Images are clickable)