What would I buy if I won the lottery?

Did anyone else have really vivid dreams when they were pregnant or is it just me? I have started dreaming about starting to play the biggest lotteries in the world and actually winning! It’s got me thinking about what I’d actually do if I really did win the lottery in real life. I hate to be that girl, but I would be so so so sensible if I won the lottery! I know “boo me!”

Buy a Forever Home: Our home is lovely, but it has been at maximum capacity for a long time and due to circumstances we have made it so we don’t have much choice but to stay here for the foreseeable future, however, if we won the lottery I would find our perfect home and stay there forever. I would love to live in a gorgeous, cosy little cottage with some land.
Buy a few properties to let out: I would also want to have some security! My parents are both property developers so I feel like that is something I could really sink my teeth into!
Disneyland: I have had the biggest urge to go to Disneyland since seeing all of Kerry Conway’s vlogs! I don’t think I’d book an immediate trip but I would book an all singing, all dancing trip for when my babies are a bit bigger!
Trust Fund: Would I really be a proper “mum” if I wasn’t super sensible and started a trust fund with my lottery winnings?

What would you do if you won the lottery?
*This post is in collaboration theLotter