We’re having a little boy…

I am completely over the moon to announce my pregnancy, its bewildering and exhausting and a little miracle! Better yet, we recently found out we are having a little boy.

I found out I was pregnant the day before Mothers Day (the UK Mothers Day) it was a complete shock, don’t get me wrong we were trying but with PCOS I had kind of just given up so it was a lovely surprise. (If anyone wants to hear more about our PCOS journey let me know and I will do a post but overall it’s not very eventful!)

I am currently 18 weeks (nearly 19) and our little bean is the size of a sweet potato, I am sporting quite a big bump, but to people that don’t know there is still a “big breakfast or baby?” debate!

We found out he was a baby boy through a private Babybond scan at 16 weeks which was a truly amazing experience (again if you would like more info I will do a separate post) but yeah I just wanted to announce him really. Oh I am also due early November!

I’m not entirely sure how much pregnancy related stuff I will share on my blog – but let me know if there is anything you’d like to see?

Georgina x