Weekly Favourites #9

Mama to Be Favourites

Maternity Leave: Maternity Leave is the best, it has seriously been a long time coming. I had a cock up with my maternity leave that meant I had to leave work 4 weeks before my due date (basically the midwife put my due date down wrong on my Mat1B certificate and I had holiday to use on top of that), I had felt really put out and nervous about leaving so early as I was worried that I would get bored and lonely. I was incorrect. I am a week down and it has been amazing, I have kept myself super busy and the days have never gone by so quickly so it makes baby countdown much more enjoyable.

Little Bambino Bags: I have been really unorganised with my hospital bag and keep taking things out of it to use and then forgetting to replace them, I now have a Little Bambino Bag on the way which is essentially a changing bag filled with things you need, which is making me feel way more comfortable that I will have some organisation when the time comes. View the range here.

Orla Kiely for Gro Bag: I recently bought a Gro Egg which I have set up on my maternity leave to realise our bedroom is getting colder than I had initially thought so I need to pick up a couple more Grobags in a higher tog. I think the new Orla Kiely range is adorable and I am particularly loving this little boat one.

Our Baby Shower: I was really on the fence about having a baby shower and also a little nervous, but it was one of my better life decisions I would say. Rich was completely anti-baby shower and was dragged kicking and screaming but even he came out saying it was great and a really lovely day. Top marks to me. In fairness, top marks need to go to my mum for hosting it for me.

TV/Book Favourites
Hunted: For anyone that doesn’t know, Hunted is a programme on Channel 4 where 10 people pretend to be fugitives on the run whilst Channel 4 deploy a team to hunt them down via Government tactics such as mail screening and CCTV monitoring. It took me a while to get into as it can be a little ‘dramatic’ but I am now sold. Also, it has a guy from Somerset in it and I have a weird loyalty to anything that has someone from my county in it! However, he is doing all he can to confirm Somerset stereotypes!

Teen Mom: I love Trash TV – it doesn’t get much trashier than Teen Mom, let’s all be honest.

Beauty Favourites 
Neutrogena Hydro Boost: This is a very typical “the blogger made me buy it” – Neutrogena have been working with Dina Tokio and she was raving about the range. I needed to change my range as I needed something more affordable and accessible than Keihls so kind of had it in the back of my mind. However, what sold me was how simple it is, the cleanser is a simple wipe off. This is perfect for me as I am already really lazy when it comes to skincare and pregnancy has made that worse. Here is the full range.

Food Favourites
Wheetabix: In my manic cleaning state (it’s not nesting – I nested in my 2nd trimester and loved it – this is me forcing myself to clean and hating it) I found a couple of boxes of Wheetabix… all of a sudden, because you know, pregnancy… that was all I wanted to eat! It’s been my maternity leave routine to have it now. It’s the simple pleasures.

Roast Dinners: Now I am a domestic godess who spends her days cleaning, cooking and singing to animals (okay, the animals part is a small fib) I have started making Roast Dinners. For me they are an easy, affordable dinner that is lovely and filling, it also means that Rich has lunch made for him the next day for little effort and I dont have to think too much about meal planning.

Nescafe Gingerbread Lattes: I mean what better than being a typical basic girl in Autumn than drinking Gingerbread coffee? I always trumped coffee for tea, but during pregnancy I’ve had a love/hate relastionship with tea so am enjoying the alternative.

Home Favourites
Yankee Candle Bundle Up: Again, I am a typical basic girl and cannot help myself… I know bloggers were really into Yankee Candles and then we dropped them for Jo Malone and Diptyque. However, you cannot beat their unique scents and Bundled Up is a cracker for the colder evenings.

  • Feels great to be on maternity leave! I have also been guilty of watching a few Teen Mom episodes whilst on maternity leave!