Things That No One Tells You About the Third Trimester

The third trimester. The home stretch. The final slog. You made it – hurrah! Welcome to the trimester of the waddle, of dropping things and leaving them and of rolling over in bed involving a very awkward three-point turn. 12 weeks of being told how big you’ve got, no sleep and wondering when the hell that “glow” is supposed to show up! The end is in sight. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Sit tight though, here are the things no one tells you about the third trimester!

Dehydration vs Desperation:

You’re constantly caught somewhere between having serious dehydration or the desperate need for a wee. This is a no-win situation! You don’t drink and have a mouth like the Sahara. You do drink and you will need the toilet 5 times an hour. Also, your baby has decided that now is the right time to make friends with your bladder and likes to hi-five it every now and again.

Sleep Deprivation starts now:

Everyone tells you to get your sleep in before the baby arrives but fat chance in the third trimester! If you can find a comfortable position and get over your constant need too pee, then insomnia kicks in and bang you’re wide awake. I guess it’s your body training you for your newborn but I actually found sleep deprivation with a newborn much easier. At least there’s a reason you’re awake with a newborn!

It’s so glam! (yes, I’m being sarcastic):

Your huge and getting out of a bath would look out of place in a David Attenborough Blue Planet episode! – Becca, A Mum Doing Her Best

The compliments are dead:

The comments like “oh wow you’re glowing” or “from behind you can’t even tell your pregnant” suddenly stop. Because you look like a whale. – Alex, Lamb & Bear


You won’t see your “foof” for weeks.

And you’ll laugh at your pre-pregnancy you that vouched she’d never even contemplate going into labour without a wax.

You’ll be ‘au fair’ with peeing yourself:

My waters broke on several occasions.. it was wee every time. – Emma, Ready Freddie Go

Talking of waters…

It will suddenly dawn on you when out and about that your waters could break any minute and Aisle 7 of Tesco’s may not be the most appropriate place.

You may not hate it:

The last few weeks of pregnancy were my favourite. I’d finished work and there was nothing to do but wait and feel excited about meeting my little person. I could take naps in the day and go shopping and eat loads and not feel guilty. – Lucy, Outnumbered by Bunnies


  • Tamara Louise Tanner

    Ooh I do not miss the 3rd trimester. It dragged!

  • Super Busy Mum

    Great post and I have experienced the 3rd trimester 5 times, and I miss every single moment of it!

  • I used to joke that the lack of sleep was to prepare me for what was to come… little did I know that it would get worse!

  • Laura Dove

    Ahh I never had a bump so I missed out on a lot of these. I didn’t sleep though, ever!!!

  • Kerryy

    I remember going to the hospital thinking my waters broke and it was just wee haha!

  • Jenna Richards

    Worst thing about the third tri for me was the backache. Oh lordy!