The weirdest things I’ve done whilst being pregnant…

26 week baby bump, we have officially popped! 

Spent the whole day with my jeans unbuttoned and unzipped, praying in hope that my top didn’t lift and my jeans didn’t drop. I have however finally caved in and bought a pair of maternity jeans now as my zip kept making a noise whenever I sat down!
Given up on shaving. I had a few weeks of just straight up surrender but then remembered… there is hair removal cream in the world and now that is my solution.
Purposely walked around with my hands on my belly so that people know you are pregnant, not fat. Which seemed to do the trick as people were then wishing me congratulations and admitting they weren’t quite sure…
Peed my pants a little. This actually had me on the labour ward at the weekend as I wasn’t quite sure whether I had peed or my waters had broken… so I had to go in, just to make sure! (I am mortified!)
Cried alone, for no real reason in particular. I’m tougher now, but there were a few weeks where I would literally cry at anything, so often had to take myself off for a silent sob.
Squeezed my boobs to see if milk would come out. And then was horrified when it did!
Started the pregnancy waddle early. Just in case people were not sure… I am 100% pregnant!

Sniffed alcohol to the point I thought my nose may turn inside out. It has never smelt so good.