Reason’s You’re a Much Better Parent Than You Think…

If you’ve followed us on social media this week, you’ll know we’ve had a rough one. A teething baby and a hormonal mother are not a great mix and I’ve been really hard on myself. As parent’s we are our toughest critics, but sometimes we need to see ourselves through our babies eyes and to them we are perfect…

Your baby is fed. Whether it be breast, bottle, BLW, puree – you are feeding your baby while you one the other hand have been running for two days on a pack of M&Ms and a Red Bull.
Your baby has its nappy changed. You are caring for your babies hygiene needs, no matter how smelly it gets.
Your baby has been cuddled. You have shown your baby “I love you” and that he or she is cared for, even if that’s all you’ve done all day. Sometimes you can feel bad for a day of cuddles when the dirty dishes are sky high, but your baby doesn’t care about the dishes.
You feel guilty or are worried about something. It means you care and you want the best for your baby. Well done you!
You have put your baby before you. Your baby is immaculately dressed, washed and fed while you still have 4 day old sick stained pyjamas and a mum bun that could have living organisms growing in it.

You’re scared. You should be, you’re raising a human being, it’s terrifying and amazing all at the same time.