Our Hallway Updates | Creating An Office Space

So as I have gone freelance I am finding the need for a desk so much more urgent! I really need a space that is dedicated to work. We have a small area at the top of our hall which is perfect for a desk and small work space! 

  1. I am obsessed with this yearly planner, I wish I had one for this year as I love mapping out all my blog content. I love that it;s a white board too as it means that I can make changes as and when necessary while with paper that can look really untidy! I do currently just use a spreadsheet but I like to sometimes physically write things out as it clears my head more!
  2. These organising folders are so cool for the minimalist vibes!
  3. So we need new stair parts! We once donated a loads of stuff on Freecycle but the people that collected managed to break some of our stair parts so they now need replacing!
  4. Aw, I LOVE a good inspirational quote card and where better to have motivation than your work desk?
  5. Disconnect to Reconnect! I love the idea of this phone box – I know it’s a bit cliche but I do think it’s good to keep your phone away at time.
  6. Ikea Desk
  7. Made Office Chair


*This post is in collaboration with Cheshire Mouldings