On the hunt for an Alternative Healing Therapist… | Bidvine

Can Alternative Healing cure our colic problems? Lets hope! 

If you have followed our ‘journey’ for a long time now, you’ll know that Rory’s digestive system has been the bain of my life. We have battled with a very mild form of colic and lactose intolerance from the get go and although we have found solutions that make the problem better (lactose-free formula and colic drops) there are still days where he gets such bad tummy ache that I want to pull my hair out! 

I recently read a book that discussed the idea of traumatic labours (we all know I tick that box) and anti-biotics potentially being the cause of colic and how “alternative healing” such as chiripractors and oesteopathy being able to correct any damage that may have been caused. 

Initially I was on the fence, but after a long hard week of griping tummy pains and fighting to get my little babe to sleep – I am willing to give it a go. 

Having had no idea where to even start looking I decided to try Bidvine! A service that helps you to find professionals, discuss your needs, compare and select the best one that works for you! 

So looking for a list of Alternative Healers from Somerset. Firstly they ask you a series of questions to find the right form of therapy for you – I was asked what type of treatment I would like to receive, what frequency I would require, what distance I’d be willing to travel up to and how urgently I needed to see someone. I then log in and wait. 

It made my life a lot easier, as it’s really specific at finding someone perfect for your requirements! I will definitely be using Bidvine in the future for the next time I need a handyman, children’s party planner or a cleaner for when I return to work. 

*This post is in collaboration with Bidvine