My Baby Wishlist: Last little bits.

1. Modern Burlap Milk Swaddle: I have wanted a Modern Burlap swaddle since before I was even pregnant (who am I kidding, I want them all!) and this Milk one is one of my favourites. I really like the calendar swaddles but because baby is due early November, its too risky to commit to that one as he could be here in October. You can get a huge 35% off these with the code BlogMB2016.

Just a quick disclaimer, this post is in no way sponsored! The above voucher was genuinely given to me because Samantha the owner of Modern Burlap is a good egg! 

2. Jellycat Elephant: How cute is this, I find all the Jellycat range adorable and the more I see them, the more I want to buy. I really think babies should have lots of toys and comforters, I think its a huge part of childhood and having your favourite toys.

3. Baby Moccasins: 99p bargain alert! I cannot vouch for the quality of these, but how adorable are they. I will probably order these and a few other items on the shop for when he is in 3-6 months so I will let you know on the quality.

4. Baby Crochet Hat: How anyone can not find this adorable will amaze me! I need this little thing in my life, will 100% be picking this up for little one.

5. Sleephead Baby Pod: I have literally no idea where the fascination comes from owning one of these, I just love the idea of it! I really like the idea of being able to have baby on the sofa snuggled up with me instead on in his moses basket or having something portable that he can sleep in. It’s a lot of money which is why it’s still on the wish list and I can’t decide if I am going to get use out of it. – I have heard amazing things about them helping babies settle but as ours is in his moses basket it wouldn’t fit in that.

6. Cool Baby Vest: Because my inner Mean Girls fan girl always needs to be satisfied!

7. Little Man Cave Sign: I adore this way more than I care to admit, however at £17 its a little pricey, I am building myself up to buy this!

8. Organic Zoo Milk Sleepsuit: Another item I have wanted since before I was even pregnant is this Organic Zoo sleepsuit, it’s so cute.

9. Crochet Booties: Still on the crochet animal theme, I could not leave off these booties. How sweet are they! I don’t think I would even want to put these on baby, just keep them in a box somewhere!

  • I bought the Sleepyhead off eBay. The sheets are washable and it had only been used for about 3 months. It was about £70 instead of £110 brand new but looks brand new so I'm really happy with it. I've heard such good things about it settling baby and meaning you can co-sleep etc so hopefully it lives up to the hype! 🙂

    Gemma Louise

  • lovely post!