My Baby Shower

Ceiling Pom Poms – Etsy
I absolutely loved how ‘Pinteresty’ these Pom Poms were and they added so much atmosphere to the baby shower, they were really easy to put together and put up and added so much!
‘Baby Shower’ Bunting – eBay
Pom Pom Bunting – eBay
Baby Shower Sign – eBay
Baby Shower Photo Props – eBay 
Before I got pregnant I was pretty anti-baby shower, I just generally found them awkward and had decided pretty early on it wasn’t for me. Even during early pregnancy, it wasn’t something that appealed to me but soon the idea started to rub off and it wasn’t long until I opened my big mouth to my mum who then got to work planning it. 
There were a lot of reasons that changed my mind about baby showers, which I am going to do a separate blog post on soon, and I am so glad I changed my mind. We had a really lovely day and it was just what we needed. Towards the end of your pregnancy it can be hard to stay motivated to remember your end goal and what you are working towards… having people that care about you and your child around you to celebrate that is the perfect remedy. Like I said I will talk more in depth about this in another post but for now I just wanted to share the photos from the day!