I’m 30 Weeks Pregnant & Here’s How I’m Coping! (30 Week Pregnancy Update)

30 Week Pregnancy Update:
How far along: 30 Weeks
Symptoms: Nothing new really this week, I still get heartburn but it’s not as bad, it has however been making me slightly anxious. You know when you feel like you’re going to be sick and get all hot and panicky. A bit like that. It’s only when I am in the car though so I think it’s the heat and the posture of car seats. – My ankles have also stopped swelling. HURRAH! I’ve also started to develop a dull ache in my ribs, I think they’re either expanding or bruised from baby kicks! 
Food Cravings: Still ice lollies, lots and lots of ice lollies! Milk has suddenly crept back into the equation too – I haven’t craved this since my first trimester! 
Movement: Baby is still moving a lot which is nice, they are starting to be much more obvious as to what he is doing in there. You can see and feel him move a certain limb and feel things roll.
Gender: Boy!
Sleep: Sleep has been rubbish this week and I am feeling it. Hoping to catch up on some rest this weekend.
Stretch Marks: I can’t see under my stomach and I haven’t dared ask anyone, so there could be some sneeky ones there. However from what I can see in the mirror we are still clear.
Miss Anything: Sleeping on my belly.
Best Moment: Our wedding anniversary and washing the baby’s huge selection of clothes!
Worst Moment: Bit TMI – however I have been super paranoid I have been leaking fluids again (just to re-cap I had to go to hospital about a month ago, but turns out baby had kicked me in the bladder) so trying to monitor that and not Google anything!

Looking forward to: Washing, ironing and packing away babies bits – so rock and roll. I bought these hangers on eBay though which were a bargain and I’m really excited to get babies stuff more settled. 

  • I miss sleeping on my belly too!! I am getting that dull ache in my ribs, I feel like the only thing that eases it is putting my arms behind my head – I dunno if that even makes sense.
    Do you know where your placenta is? Mine is at the front so I am the only one at the moment that can really feel the movement. Can't wait for my hubby to be able to join in on that part!!

    Gemma (acrossthispage.com) xx

  • Its lovely to feel baby move but I can imagine at 30 weeks it would start to hurt and feel sore!

    Claire Louise Xx | http://www.claireelouisse.com

  • I really miss sleeping on my belly too. I've had the leaking fluids as well, joys of pregnancy. I'm refusing to google anything and will just check with my midwife at the next appointment.

    I'm all about the ice lollies too, even now it's cooled off a bit.

    I hope you manage to get some rest this weekend.

    Debbie x http://www.hellodeborah.co.uk

  • That is actually a really good tip, I am going to stop with the Google! I've just downloaded the "Ask the Midwife" app too so will be going there if I feel anxious.

  • No I don't but I would love to find out, the placenta is fascinating me at the moment for some reason!

  • Yes, they do start to pack a punch! I just can't wait for him to be out of my ribs really. X

  • I miss sleeping on my belly! I'm into my 40th week now so hopefully not much longer for me.