Friday Favourites #2

Ice Poles. I think I have finally found some form of pregnancy craving. I ate 5 ice poles last night and it was amazing. By the way, I think there is some kind of Northern/Southern divide on this word, I call them Ice Poles, so does everyone I know but my Northern husband calls them Ice Pops.

New Comments. Hello, everyone, it’s been so nice to see new bloggers commenting this week and saying some lovely things! I have really enjoyed interacting with you all and thank you for taking the time to comment! My wifi went down this week so haven’t been able to reply, but I am doing it now!! 
Hitting the 6-month mark. Wahoo I am 6 months pregnant, I actually am now 6.5 month pregnant, but still. Its a huge milestone for me that I am very happy about.
The decorating is done (almost). Again, big milestones, our house is almost completely finished. SAY WHAT! I want the house to be lovely and cosy for the arrival of baby Clarke so have been working like the clappers to get this done!
Back on YouTube. I have filmed a few videos for YouTube that will be going up in due course, please subscribe to my channel to see these, I will love you forever!

Friends re-runs. I don’t need to say to much about this, we all know how great friends is!