Currently Coveting | My Kitchen Wishlist

1. Laundry BagClick Here to Buy. I have recently started getting my step daughter to start doing chores for her pocket money (wow this makes me sound like the evil step mum!!) but she really enjoys it. It’s one of her tasks to split the washing into these categories, but normally I end up doing it too! I feel that this would be so helpful and time saving.
2. Emma Bridgewater MugClick Here to Buy. After seeing Anna Saccone with this, I have wanted it for about forever and a day!
3. Spray Mop. Click Here to Buy. Emily Norris made me buy it. Seriously though, with a newly rolling and wannabe crawling baby I am constantly wiping down floors PLUS we have white floorboards which are a nightmare to clean. This looks SO convenient!
4. Tassimo Coffee Machine. Click Here to Buy. Im a mum, I love caffeine.
5. Boden FlaskClick Here to Buy. I’m a mum, hot drinks don’t exist in my house so this allows me a little extra time to attempt to drink it warm, plus its great for walks as I end up always buying one on route.
6. Knife Sharpener. Click Here to Buy. This is a boring one, but its high up on my to buy list. Rich has really nice kitchen knives but they do need to be sharpened. I begrudge buying a knife sharpener, its a bit like petrol… necessary, but a crap purchase!
7. Microwave. Click Here to Buy. I am quite reliant on our microwave during the day since having Rory, I eat a lot of microwavable stuff for lunch and sometimes when I am caught short with his purée I will defrost them in the microwave too! I am quite conscious of how bad microwaves can be so want to upgrade to one that preserves the vitamins and nutrients with Turbo Speed Technology. Our microwave is crap as well, it can barely heat up chicken, so these ones that grill, steam and bake would be a real treat (boring mum alert!)

* This is a sponsored post