Caring for the Environment | Celebrating Earth Day

Why is it that when you become a parent there are so many things you which never previously concerned you that you suddenly begin to consider? For me, I want to care about my health for my child but also the earth so that he has a healthy world that he can grow up in. 

The environment has always been something I have taken for granted, it was never my problem, but suddenly I had a child and I realised what a self-centered outlook that is. I have a carbon footprint? I have created that, so why isn’t making things better my responsibility?

April 22nd is Earth Day and I am excited to get outside. Since having a baby, the unimaginable has happened and I have become an ‘outdoorsy’ girl I love taking Rory out on long walks, going to the park and playing in the garden – Earth Day is giving me a great excuse to spend the day in the great outdoors – now fingers crossed for some good weather.

Busy Bee’s Childcare created this great infographic to inspire ways in which you can celebrate Earth Day!

Are you environmentally conscious? Will you be celebrating Earth Day?
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