7 Best Places to Find Preloved Baby Items

Best for: Everything! 
Nearly New Sales: These are basically car boot sales for baby items! There is something really lovely about seeing who you are buying from but also for people to see their well-loved baby items go to a new home! These are really easy to find by searching for your local area and ‘nearly new’ into Facebook or Google.

Best for: Vintage Baby Furniture 

Auctions: Dependant on your taste, auctions can be a goldmine for really well-made nursery furniture. If you’re not into the vintage look, then don’t turn your back yet as most things can be upcycled with a lick of paint to look really modern. There aren’t many that can resist the thrill of the auction. You can find nearby auctions on websites such as BPI auctions.

Best for: Baby Clothes, Sleepyheads 

eBay: I am a huge advocate for second-hand baby clothes for so many reasons. For every age group, I’ve liked to have a bundle of preloved clothing. They’re great for when your baby goes to nursery, messy play or for slumming it wound the house! When babies start eating solid foods and crawling, things get dirty, stained and worn much quicker. I always find Next, M&S and Zara to be the best places for baby boy clothes but £15 for a jumper can be a bitter pill to swallow so buying second hand is an amazing way to get those items at a fraction of the price! I know how well I look after Rory’s clothes and I’ll only sell items that are in lovely condition so I have no problems buying from others. 

Best for: Feeding Items i.e. Sterilisers

Friends: This is the type of thing you want to have a good idea of the type of home it had come from, you want it to be a good clean home! It’s always worth having a chat with friends and asking what their plans are with certain items when they’re finished with them. 

Best for: ‘Big Stuff Baby Items’ i.e. Baby Bouncers, Swings, Jumperoos, Toys 

Facebook: Selling pages on Facebook are a goldmine generally, but when it comes down to baby stuff they really don’t get much better! You will find pretty much any baby item on Facebook and usually for a fair price but I do think they’re best for some of the bigger items. Bringing in the marketplace has made filtering by item and location so much easier on Facebook but you will also find selling pages for your local area specifically for baby and childrens items if you just search “(Your area), baby, buy sell”

Best for: Wooden Baby Toys
Charity Shops: I can’t be the only one with a huge soft spot for wooden baby toys? There is something so lovely about them! I have found tonnes of amazing wooden baby toys in charity shops. It is worth taking into consideration that as they’re wooden, they will be slightly more worn. Some charity shops also have a habit of hiking these types of items up as they are fashionable and popular but there is no harm in bartering if you think it’s overpriced or if the condition isn’t amazing.

Best for: Making Requests 
Freecycle: Freecycle can be a little hit or miss, sometimes it harbours some absolute gems but other times it can be very much “one man’s trash” however, if their is something you need or have in mind there is no harm in posting an ad on there! A lot of the time people will turn to Freecycle just to get rid of things they can’t be bothered to sell, take to charity shops or move so it is always worth keeping your eye out on there!